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Events & Activities

There is always something to do at The Truck Stop!

Here at The Truck Stop, we pride ourselves on providing a fun environment. We achieve this by staying on top of events... We host a bit, so to get the latest dates, times, and news about events at The Truck Stop, make sure to like our page on Facebook!

Play in our free cornhole tournament every Sunday at The Truck Stop

Thursdays are Truck Stop Trivia

We pride ourselves on having one of the best trivia nights you’ll find anywhere! Each game consists of six different categories which change every week – including music, movies, science, pop culture, geography, and whatever else we come up with!

This is a multimedia trivia with lots of visuals and video clips, so you never know what to expect! Team sizes are from 2-7 players, and the game starts at 7 with sign up beginning at 6:45.

Come Watch a Movie on the Big Screen at Truck Stop

Movie Nights

Wednesdays and Saturdays nights are movie nights

Wednesday movies are for more of an adult audience, while our Saturday movies are selected to be fun for the whole family.

Listen to Live Music at The Truck Stop

Live Music! 

Live Music Every Night

Live music 7 nights a week starting at 6PM

Check out our monthly Farmers Market at The Truck Stop

Farmers Market

Monthly Farmers Market

Here at The Truck Stop, we take pride in using local produce and ingredients for our food and drinks.

So much pride, in fact, that we host a Farmers Market every month for local vendors to showcase their products!

If you make or grow something that you'd be interested in selling, we've got the perfect venue for it!

Our vendors always seem to do well and sell out, so make sure to come early, and check out what Belize has to offer!

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